Our Pastoral Family

METHODIST TEMPLE Our Pastoral Family

Pastor Chris Gadlage & family

Pastor Chris arrived at Temple in July 2021. He and his wife, Annette have been married since 1992, and they have two children: Hannah (1995) and Isaiah (2004).

Chris graduated from the University of Louisville (Go Cards!) and Asbury Theological Seminary.
According to Pastor Chris, there are only two things you really need to know about him:

  • “I serve at the pleasure of the King of Kings!” None of us exist to make ourselves or other people happy. We exist to serve at the direction of our God and King … which will bring unspeakable joy to us and everyone we engage.
  • “You matter!” Regardless of how much money you make, your prior experiences, how much you’ve sinned, which sin is your ‘besetting sin’, or how much you know or don’t know … you have infinite value to the God who created you. Therefore, you have value to me (see the point above).